Friday, November 28, 2008

Halloween at Ola

On Friday, October 31st – the real Halloween! – we went to Ola Tacos Bar, a really cool Mexican bar in Shinsaibashi, with a small group of students & friends. We all had a great time…

The Gang Outside Ola
The Cave-Couple with Cat-Man


Colonel Sanders & Mini Mouse

"Sally" & Friends

Costumed Customers

The Bar Staff

The Gang

Day-of-the-Dead Hiroki

Sexy Shino

Sexy Shino Up Close

She-Devil Jenna

The Masked DJ
[Back in Australia, I once played "The Masked Radio Announcer" in an amateur production of the musical "Annie"]

The Bar Getting Crowded


The Child-Friendly Cave-Couple Return

The Caveman Cops a Feel

The Caveman Thumping Woody

Woody Gets (a) Shot
[That's a little joke - an injection is also known as "a shot" in North American English]

Adios, Amigos!

You can check out more photos at Ola's official photo page.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Halloween Revisited

Oops! It's been almost a month since my last post! Where did the time go?
On October 26th, we were going to hold a Halloween picnic for our students and friends. Unfortunately, it rained! Instead, we held a small event in our local community center...
The "Picnic Gang" in the lobby of the local community center
This year, our son wanted to be a carnotaurus, a kind of dinosaur
We decided to be a caveman and cave-girl
The cave-girl playing tricks on some of the kids
By the way, that wasn't the first time for me to dress as a caveman...

My first-ever costume: Fred Flintstone

Check back soon for more (a lot more!) Halloween photos!