Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Do you believe in ghosts? The Ancient Celts believed that ghosts came back to this world on Halloween. They wore scary costumes to hide from the ghosts.

Recently, this car ad was pulled off the air in Europe. Viewers said they could see a ghostly face reflected in the car’s window.

Look carefully! Can you see it?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only 3 Days Until Halloween!

OMG! (Oh, my God!) It's only 3 more days until the Halloween Party at Ola Tacos Bar! We only started making our costumes yesterday! Will we be ready in time!

BTW (By the way), you can check out photos from Ola's past Halloween photos at
Ola's Halloween Party 2008 and Ola's Halloween Party 2009.

And speaking of Halloween at Ola, we found Wally (A.K.A. [Also known as] Waldo) on the way home from last year's party...
We found him!
On Monday, a friend sent me a link to this very strange photo of a bunch of zombies in Sydney...
Look carefully!

And speaking of Halloween, last Thursday I taught a lesson at a kindergarten in Kuzuha. On the way back to the station, I passed this hairdresser...
That's a cool name for the rest of this week. However, it's pretty stupid for about 51 weeks from next Monday!

And speaking of Halloween lessons, we've being holding a bunch of them for Be & Me Kids. In last Tuesday's class, we played many different Halloween games. One of them was...
Put the Hat on the Witch
Guess who lost!

Finally, don't forget that Mayumi's Halloween countdown ("count-up" [?]) continues! Check out the following links to see photos & YouTube videos of our previous Halloween parties...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Nail Art

One of our students is a nail artist. (Hi, Yasuko!) This week, she came to her class wearing Halloween nail art.

Yasuko's nail-art studio is called...

It's in the same building as Be & Me 英会話 Club . One of our other students (Hi, Takumi!) is now one of Yasuko's regular customers. She's very happy with Yasuko's work. If you're interested in getting your nails done for Halloween -- or any reason! -- give Yasuko a call on 06-6245-7577.

By the way, do you know the English names for each of the fingers? Here they are...

Mayumi's Halloween countdown ("count-up" [?]) continues! Check out the following links to see photos & YouTube videos of our previous Halloween parties...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Shaved my Wife!

In my last entry (The Halloween Countdown Continues), I included a link to a video of our 1999 Halloween costume - Dr. Evil & Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. Most people assume that Mayumi wore a bald wig for that costume. WRONG! She actually shaved her head...

It was her idea! Honestly!!!

Her nick-name was Ikkyu San for the next couple of weeks...
Ikkyu San - a popular Japanese cartoon character
Info in Japanese)

The Japanese media usually refers to anyone with a shaved head as "Skinhead." In English, Skinhead usually refers to members of neo-Nazi groups. Mayumi is definitely not a neo-Nazi! "Shaven-headed" is a better term to use. For example, Bruce Willis is a popular shaven-headed actor.

By the way, the Halloween countdown continues! Go to
モカモカのブログ for the latest updates in photos & videos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Halloween Countdown Continues

Mayumi's halloween "countdown" (she's actually counting up!) continues. Click on ハロウィン・アーカイブ 5 to view more goofy photos. An speaking of goofy, check out the video above!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Counting Down to Halloween

Last week, we opened up the suitcase with all our old Halloween costumes in it. Looking at all the costumes reminded Mayumi of our past Halloweens together. She decided to write about them on her Mocha Mocha Blog (モカモカのブログ). Read her first entry here: Getting Ready for Halloween. Read the rest of her countdown at the following links...

Halloween '98

Don' forget to check on her other entries at モカモカのブログ

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Every Month, we hold a Service Lesson for students who have missed their regular classes. At the last Service Lesson, we played the Be & Me English-practice version of Snakes & Ladders, a popular board game in Western countries. One of the more difficult vocabulary cards in that game is "sane." Sane is the opposite of crazy. Another way to say crazy is "insane." For example...
This is an INSANE thing to do!
My brother Joe is the Japanese agent for Liberty Skis ( He has some riders based in Hakuba who help him promote the skis. They are waiting for snow at the moment. It's amazing what some bored skiers with too much time on their hands and a couple of hundred bags of rubber bands can come up with. Check out the video below – it's INSANE!