Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Shaved my Wife!

In my last entry (The Halloween Countdown Continues), I included a link to a video of our 1999 Halloween costume - Dr. Evil & Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. Most people assume that Mayumi wore a bald wig for that costume. WRONG! She actually shaved her head...

It was her idea! Honestly!!!

Her nick-name was Ikkyu San for the next couple of weeks...
Ikkyu San - a popular Japanese cartoon character
Info in Japanese)

The Japanese media usually refers to anyone with a shaved head as "Skinhead." In English, Skinhead usually refers to members of neo-Nazi groups. Mayumi is definitely not a neo-Nazi! "Shaven-headed" is a better term to use. For example, Bruce Willis is a popular shaven-headed actor.

By the way, the Halloween countdown continues! Go to
モカモカのブログ for the latest updates in photos & videos.

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