Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer-Holiday Food

Wow! The Obon holidays finished nearly a week ago! Doesn’t time fly? [Click here to find out what that means]

We had a great holiday. We visited the Osaka Science Museum, played in the park, went to the beach, and watched a few movies on DVD. We also ate a lot of easy-to-make summer-holiday food! My favorite easy-to-make lunch is the sausage sandwich.

In Australia, we call sausages “snags’ or “sangas.” We call sandwiches “sambos” or “sangas.” (That’s a bit confusing, isn’t it?!) Therefore, a sandwich like the one in the picture is called a “snag sanga” or a “sanga sambo.”

Speaking of yummy food! One of our students works in a chocolate shop in Matsuyamachi called Ek Chuah. We went there last Saturday for brownies. Yummy!!!! I recommend the bitter iced-chocolate drink.
The brownie at Ek Chuah.

Time Flies!

Wow! What happened to August?! It just seemed to fly by!

In English, we often say that “time flies when we’re having fun.” This means that when we are having fun, time passes quickly. I guess that means I had a lot of fun over the Obon holidays. I hope you did, too!

By the way, if for some reason you want to buy the clock in the photo, click here! However, be warned that it’s not a real clock – just a toy!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

スクールカレンダー & イベント


当校のホームページ(の“スクールカレンダー”または "生徒のみなさんへ" をクリックして下さい!または直接下記のアドレスへリンクして下さい!(携帯電話からも可能です)

スクールカレンダー :

生徒のみなさんへ :