Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer-Holiday Food

Wow! The Obon holidays finished nearly a week ago! Doesn’t time fly? [Click here to find out what that means]

We had a great holiday. We visited the Osaka Science Museum, played in the park, went to the beach, and watched a few movies on DVD. We also ate a lot of easy-to-make summer-holiday food! My favorite easy-to-make lunch is the sausage sandwich.

In Australia, we call sausages “snags’ or “sangas.” We call sandwiches “sambos” or “sangas.” (That’s a bit confusing, isn’t it?!) Therefore, a sandwich like the one in the picture is called a “snag sanga” or a “sanga sambo.”

Speaking of yummy food! One of our students works in a chocolate shop in Matsuyamachi called Ek Chuah. We went there last Saturday for brownies. Yummy!!!! I recommend the bitter iced-chocolate drink.
The brownie at Ek Chuah.

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