Thursday, June 22, 2006


If you walk to our school through Crysta Nagahori, you probably see hundreds of these posters every week…

As I sit here in my shorts, the drizzle of the rainy season outside competing with the sound of the fan whirring away in the background, I think that some kind of refreshment would be nice. But what about “re-flesh-ment?” That’s right! I said “flesh!” When these posters first went up in April, the message along the bottom was slightly different…
“Flesh” means the soft parts of an animal’s body, the muscle and fat – the raw meat!

Luckily, I took this second photo as soon as I saw the original posters. Only a week or so after they first went up, they were all replaced.

Someone made a little mistake that cost the advertisers the price of reprinting all the posters again. When you make a mistake like this, there are many things you can say. Unfortunately, I can’t teach you most of them here! Probably the best thing to say is, “Oops!” Next time you do something wrong, give it a try.

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par3182 said...

is that old r/l joke considered racist if it's made there?