Thursday, April 19, 2007

Web Logs

“A log” is a day-by-day diary of what’s happening to someone or something. The original use of the word was “Ship’s Log,” a diary of what happened on a ship written by the ship’s captain. These days, many people keep a personal dairy on the Internet. We call these diaries “Web Logs.” (“Web” is short for the “World-Wide Web,” the “www” of most homepage addresses.) If you say “Web Log” quickly enough, it sounds like you’re saying “Blog.”

Last week, I read two articles in the newspaper related to Blogs. The first was some research done by Technorati, a company that tracks the content of Blogs. They found that in March 2005 there were 8 million [8,000,000] Blogs on the Internet. This March, there were 72 million [72,000,000], and that doesn’t count Blogs on SNS’s (Social Network Systems) like Mixi. Wow! Apparently, there are 58,000 new Blog entries every hour! Everyone’s spending so much time writing their Blogs. Who has the time to read them?

The other story I read about last week was regarding celebrity Blogs. Many famous people are starting to write about their daily lives on the Internet. The article used Victoria Beckham, wife of the famous soccer player with the fabulous first name, as an example. She’s keeping a Blog of her family’s move to L.A.

Victoria’s all packed up and ready to go! You can read all about it on Victoria Beckham's "Personal" Blog

I first found out about celebrity Blogging by accident. At the top of this page, you’ll see a button that says "Next Blog". If you click on that button, it will randomly take you to another Blog. I used to visit my best friend’s Blog (6 things) almost every day. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t write that Blog anymore.) After reading that day’s entry, I’d click on "Next Blog", just to see what came up. One day, I was rewarded with Silent Bob Speaks, the personal Blog of filmmaker Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks and Dogma. Kevin Smith appears in most of his own movies as a non-speaking character called Silent Bob. On his Blog, Silent Bob gets to talk – that’s where the name of that Blog comes from!

Silent Bob Speaks is also known as My Boring-Ass Life. Sometimes, Kevin Smith gets a little too personal – you’ve been warned!

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