Thursday, May 10, 2007

Legless in Iga Ueno

During Golden Week, my family & I went to Iga Ueno, the birthplace of ninjitsu. Iga Ueno is very proud of its history. There are ninjas everywhere – in shop windows, hanging off streetlights, painted on trains, and so on. There are even entire families of ninjas walking the streets.

A Little Ninja strikes a pose

A shop window ninja flogging [selling] special beds for sick people

In one little side street I spied this…
A "legless" ninja

Actually, he’s not really legless – more like footless! “Legless” is another way of saying “really, really drunk.” When you’re really, really drunk, you sometimes can’t even stand up. When that happens, it seems like you have no legs – you are legless!
By the way, that can of beer was already there when I spotted this ninja.
Also, You can find out more about Iga Ueno at Iga Ueno Tourist Information

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