Friday, June 13, 2008

Gaijin Sounds CD Release Party

Every month we get copies of JapanZine, an English-language guide to what’s happening in Japan, delivered to Be & Me for our students.

Earlier this year, JapanZine held a contest for indies rock bands with foreign members. They called the contest Gaijin Sounds 2008. They received nearly 100 demo tapes from all over Japan. They put the best 12 tracks on a CD called Gaijin Sounds Volume 1.

The Cover of Gaijin Sounds Volume 1
Tomorrow night, Saturday June 14th, they are holding a free CD release party at Zerro (06-6211-0439), a bar in Shinsaibashi. (Click here for a map to Zerro) The concert is free, the first 100 customers will be given a free copy of the CD, and there will be live music by Abunai Jones (I love that name!) and DJ Ginzu3.
Abunai Jones (I love this photo, too!)

I will definitely be going to this event! If you want to come, you can meet me at the school at 7:00 pm (don’t be late!) or come straight to Zerro any time after 7:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

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