Thursday, August 07, 2008


This morning, I was getting ready to write about my recent visit to the Osaka Aquarium when I dropped an air-conditioner on my computer…
When something like this happens, “Oops!” is a good thing to say. I actually said a few other words. I won’t be teaching you any of them here – they are best left for “Advanced” classes.

Surprisingly, I can still type. But it isn’t easy! It might be a day or two before I can tell you about my trip to the Aquarium. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait!

By the way, we use the letters W, E, R, A, S, Z, & X much more often than you’d think. I guess they are like hair – you don’t miss them until they're gone!


y.hanamuguri said...


Could you tell me the size of your "air-conditioner"?

Be said...

Actually, it was the front panel of a standard Japanese wall-mounted air-conditioner. I was cleaning the filters. We have 4 air-conditioners in our apartment. You open 3 of them by lifting the hinged front panel up. When you open the 4th one -- the one above my desk -- the front panel just comes off. I wasn't expecting that!