Monday, March 23, 2009

This is Off!

Is it just me, or is this beer…

In English, “off’ can have many different meanings: to say food or drinks are “off,” means they have gone bad. For example, if you leave milk out of the fridge for too long in summer, it goes off (it starts to smell bad, gets lumpy, and even turns a green colour).

If we say a person is “off,” it can mean that they are strange. Most people agree that Michael Jackson is a bit off.

However, “off” can also mean to leave. “I’m off!” simply means “I’m going!”

In Australia, we like to mix meanings – just for fun! Instead of saying “I’m going!” some Australians say, “I’m off like a bucket of prawns [shrimp] in the midday sun!” or “I’m off like a bride’s nightie [ladies’ sleepwear]!” (Think about it!!!)

Anyway, I’m off! Enjoy your “Off!”
(For a Japanese translation of this entry, Click Here!)

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