Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Run

An oxymoron (sometimes called a “contradiction in terms”) is usually two words with almost opposite meanings used together. “Amazingly dull” is a good example.

I think another good example of an oxymoron is “fun run.” A fun run is a long-distance race run by mostly amateur runners. Personally, I can’t understand how the words “fun” and “run” can be used together!

In Japan, fun runs are often called “marathons.” The marathon is a fixed distance of 42.195 kilometers – much longer than most fun runs!

A couple of years ago, Mayumi made “running in fun runs” one of her New Year's resolutions. Yesterday, she kept her resolution by taking part in a 10-kilometer race at the Ashiya Fun Run.

Mayumi warming up before the race

Where’s Mayumi? (She is there! Can you find her?)

One of our students is also a fun-runner. Hisae ran in the half marathon...

21 kilometers! Good on you, Hisae!

You can see more photos from the Ashiya Fun Run at Ashiya Fun Run Photos

You can also watch a short video of Mayumi at the 9-kilometer mark at Mayumi’s Ashiya Fun Run Video

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