Friday, June 11, 2010

Mocha Mocha

I traveled through Europe with my sister in the summer of ’97. On the way home, I met up with Mayumi for 10 days in Thailand (where I proposed to her!). We visited a beautiful beach resort on Ko Samet Island for 3 days. Mayumi tans very easily. While on Ko Samet, Mayumi’s skin turned a beautiful chocolate/coffee brown color. I nick-named her “Mocha.”

Recently, Mayumi started writing a Blog in Japanese on Ameba. She had to choose a name for her Blog. She decided on “モカモカ” (Mocha Mocha). She writes about a variety of things; movies, cooking, her daily life, teaching English, and raising a bi-lingual kid. Her Blog is fun to read! Check it out at

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