Monday, January 24, 2011

Be & Me Googled (Japanese Translation)

Back in August of 2010, our school was visited by a photographer from Google Places...
2010年8月 Googleプレイスからカメラマンが僕らの学校にやってきました
The Google photographer at work
グーグルカメラマン 仕事中!

Recently, those photos were posted on our Google Places site. She took some great photos! This one is my favorite...
最近 Googleプレースに学校の写真がアップされました。 彼女はとってもいい写真を撮ってくれました! 僕のお気に入りは こちら・・
 The inside of Be & Me 英会話 Club in Shinsaibashi, Osaka
大阪心斎橋にある Be & Me 英会話 Club の教室

You can check out all her photos at ...
Be & Me 英会話 Club on Google Places

I just found out that according to Google, their name came from the word "Googol", the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100zeroes - that's a big number!

今回調べてわかったのですが、Google社によると社名は「グーゴル」という1の後に0が100個連なった数が由来だそうです。 とてつもなく大きな数字です!

If you write it out, it looks like this...


I had always thought that Google got its name from "googly eyes", which means big eyes that stick out. Google even use that image in one of its logos...
僕はずっと「ギョロ目」を意味する”googly eyes"からきたものだと思ってました。実際、ロゴにも使われていますから・・
Whenever I think of googly eyes, I always think of the British comedy actor Marty Feldman.
Marty Feldman)を思い出します。
This is not a trick photo! Those are his real eyes!
これは加工写真ではありません! 本物の彼の目玉です!

I think Marty Feldman's funniest movie is Young Frankenstein.
Young Frankenstein)だと思います。
It's not just Marty's funniest movie - it's "the funniest movie of all time!" (It says so on the DVD cover!)

If you want to find out more about the movie, you should google it!

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