Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Special Events for March

I've already said quite a lot about the recent earthquake (see Are You Ready for an Earthquake?). The best things we can do from now are 1) Make a Donation, 2) Be Prepared for the Next One & 3) Get on with Our Lives.

I've just posted some pictures of this year's Saint Patrick's Day Party at Murphy's Irish Pub & the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Osaka on our School's Online Photo Albums.

Click here to see them all.

Next up on our list of special events for March is ...
The Simon Yates concert at Andy's Imagine, in Rokkomichi on Saturday, March 26th, and...
The bilingual comedy show by The Pirates of the Dotonbori at The Blarney Stone in Shinsaibashi on Sunday, March 27th

Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it to Simon's concert this month (however, we will be at his next concert on April 9th). We will definitely be at the comedy show hope to see you there!

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