Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Brush with Fame

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On Saturday, September 10th, my family & I went to MateRock, a Tohoku-Earthquake charity concert organised by a group of Australians (and their Japanese family & friends) living in Hakuba, Japan. The top 5 acts were big-name performers from Australia. Of course, they were supported by some talented bands, drummers, and dancers from Japan.

There were a lot of Australians in the audience, including Olympic-gold-medal-winning speed skater Steve Bradbury (pictured above with my wife Mayumi). Steve's a little famous in Japan. They still show his winning race on kids' TV. If you meet a famous person, you can say you had "a brush with fame."

If you visit Mayumi's Blog , you can read more about Steve and watch a very interesting video about how he won the gold medal.

Mayumi's Blog: http://ameblo.jp/be-and-me/entry-11019889112.html

I'll be posting some photos & videos from MateRock soon!

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