Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shoe Cream or Chou Cream?

Would you like a shoe shine with your next English lesson? Recently, our building owner installed an electric shoe cleaner in front of our elevator so you can clean your shoes on the way to your lesson...
One of our students cleaning her shoes

The electric shoe cleaner at work
(Our student needs longer shoes!)

Speaking of shoes, many of my students tell me they like Chou Cream (シュークリーム). Unfortunately, that's Japanese English. In English, it sounds like "shoe cream" -- a polish for cleaning shoes. ("Shoe cream" is more commonly called "shoe polish.")
Shoe Cream -- Yummy?

It seems the Japanese name is a blending of the French "choux à la crème" and the the English word "cream." In Australia, we call them "choux pastries." In America, they're called "cream puffs."
Cream Puffs -- Yummy!

Our building owner has been very generous lately. As well as installing the shoe cleaner, he gave us a new door sign...

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Yasuyo said...

Your school is becoming more and more fascinating during I'm in Sendai!!
I want both of them.
The electric shoe cleaner and Cream Puff!!! ...Yasuyo