Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Did we Learn from the Tohoku Earthquake?

One year ago, Tohoku was hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. More that 15,000 people were killed. Some of those people would be alive today if they had taken the time to prepare for a possible earthquake. If you live in Japan, you can expect that some time in the future -- maybe soon! -- you will experience a powerful earthquake.

Are you ready for an earthquake? Please read the following links. If you haven't made an emergency pack, checked where your local evacuation area is, and made plans with your family about where to meet after an earthquake, do it today!

Are You Ready for an Earthquake?


I was talking with one of our students about this yesterday. She made an excellent suggestion: You should have a pair of rain boots, a pair of work gloves, a whistle, and a flashlight next to your bed in case an earthquake happens while you are sleeping. The boots & gloves will help you deal with broken glass, and so on, after the earthquake, the flashlight will help you find your way in the dark, and the whistle will help you call for help if you are trapped. Thanks for the great idea, Noriko!

OK! Stop thinking about it -- do something about it now!

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