Monday, September 24, 2012

"Best" vs "Favorite"

Wanda's Best Photo
Recently, I was talking to a student about photography (Hello, Wanda!).  We were talking about her "best photo" and her "favorite photo."
Best means "most skillful" -- the thing you do well.
Favorite means "most liked."
For example, I like food and cooking.  My best dish is short pasta in cream and bacon sauce.  I'm very, very good at making it!  My favorite dish is enchiladas.  I love enchiladas, but I can't make them!

Wanda's best photo is the one above of autumn leaves reflected on a car.  Her favorite photo is the one below of her husband taking a photo of her taking a photo of him...
 Wanda's Favorite Photo
By the way, the best enchiladas in Osaka are at Ola Tacos Bar, in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.  It's my favorite bar!

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