Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Sandwiches were Good But...

I did some part-time company lessons in Temmabashi on Thursday morning. I got to the office at 10:00 am, and didn’t leave until after 2:00 pm – I was starving! [“Starving” means dying because you haven’t eaten any food for a long time. We often say “I’m starving!” as a joking way of saying “I’m very, very hungry!”]

It was a warm spring day so I ate some sandwiches in a park. After lunch, as I was walking to the subway station, I passed a restaurant whose name made me laugh out loud.

I took a photo of the restaurant’s sign and e-mailed it to my wife with the following message:

The sandwiches were good but the coffee tasted like…

In English “Pee” means “Oshiko!”

In the movie “Forest Gump,” Tom Hank’s character is always saying “I’ve gotta [got to] pee!” He even says it to JFK when they meet at the White House.

This is a special entry for Kyoko, one of the students in Thursday’s class and a regular reader of this Blog. She complained that I haven’t been keeping my New Year's resolution of making at least one new entry every week. I’m sorry, Kyoko! Come back soon – I promise I’ll catch up!

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