Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inner Sky Concert this Friday Night

Our friend Simon holds a monthly concert called Inner Sky at Covent Garden in Kita Horie. The next Inner Sky is on this Friday November 16th, from about 8:30 pm. It costs 1,000 yen to enter, but that includes one "free" drink.

Simon has recently formed a new band called “Goodman Bad.” He’s very excited about the band and thinks this month’s concert will be a lot of fun. Here’s what he has to say about it:

"Osaka reggae-rock three-piece Goodman Bad return to Covent Garden (Kita Horie) on Friday, November 16 to do a range of 80s pop and 90s grunge covers in a laid-back acoustic style while you drink and dance.

今月の「インナー・スカイ」(アコーステック音楽のライブイベント)は11月16日(金)に行われます。Goodman Badというバンドが80年代のポップスや90年代のGrungeをレゲエふうAcousticで再現します。Goodman Badはベース、パーカッション、ギターの三人組。9月のライブも大好評でした。今月もお見逃しなく。"

場所は堀江のCovent Garden です。

20:30から \1000(1ドリンク付)


I have to teach until 9:30 pm tomorrow night but I will definitely go to the concert after that. Hope to see you there!

By the way, You can also check out some photos from the last time we went to "Inner Sky" here: Be & Me Inner Sky Photos

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