Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Freezing my Buns Off (Part II)

Early in February, I wrote about how cold it has been this year (Freezing my Buns Off). Well, it’s still bloody cold!

The view from my balcony just over a week ago
A video of me riding to work in the snow
At the end of January, we visited Hatena, on of our favourite restaurants. While there, we discovered a great way to fight the cold. It’s called “muu-kata,” a kind of Thai-style “steamboat” [nabe].

“Muu-kata”(the “steamboat” itself is not spicy – only the dipping sauces)

Be-chan preparing “muu-kata” at our table

“Muu-kata” on the menu board

Me with some of the friendly staff
(that’s Karat, the owner, on the right)

Map & contact information for Hatena
(that number again; 06-4704-8107)

Spring is just around the corner! However, while it’s still cold, it’s a great time to get into Hatena and enjoy the warmth of “muu-kata”!

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