Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Ugliest Rabbit I've Ever Seen!

Today is Easter, a very important Christian holiday. Children celebrate Easter by eating chocolates shaped like eggs, rabbits, and chickens – all symbols of new life. (A more detailed explanation of Easter and its origins & customs follows this Entry.)

Yesterday, we received a small parcel filled with Easter goodies from my mother. Last night while our son was sleeping, my wife & I checked the contents…

When I first saw that little gold animal, I exclaimed; “That’s the ugliest rabbit I’ve ever seen!” My wife agreed.

However, once I studied the wrapping more carefully, I discovered that it’s not a rabbit. It’s actually…

a bilby, a kind of marsupial bandicoot found only in Australia.

Mmmm?! The Easter Bilby – a new Australian tradition?!

Have a happy Easter!

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