Monday, February 21, 2011

Atmosphere – Photo Exhibition by Atsushi Takamatsu Starts Tomorrow (February 22nd)

My good friend Atsu Takamatsu, a commercial photographer based in Osaka, is holding a photo exhibition from tomorrow (February 22nd) to Saturday, March 5th, at Galeria Cero, near the American Village.

You can find a map to Galeria Cero here.

The title of the exhibition is Atmosphere (sounds like “at-moss-feer”). In English, “atmosphere” has 2 meanings…

1) The gas around a planet. For example, the Earth’s atmosphere is mainly nitrogen and oxygen. The Moon has no atmosphere.

2) The feeling of a place. For example, Ola Tacos Bar has a friendly atmosphere.

Atsu was born and grew up in Umeda, right in the center of Osaka. He explained to me that with this exhibition he’s trying to show how the city has an atmosphere of home-town nature for him.

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