Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Golden Week of Movies

It's Golden Week in Japan! Golden Week is a collection of unrelated holidays that all fall around the same time. Depending on the year, they can result in either a couple of long weekends or an entire week off. The name comes from a promotion carried out by the cinemas on one of the years that they had a whole week off. The promotion is long gone but the name lives on.

Mayumi & I love movies. We always try to watch a couple of movies together during Golden Week.  Yesterday, we watched The Boat that Rocked (パイレー ツ・ロック), the "true" story of pirate radio in the UK.  The DVD was lent to us by one of our students (Hi, Noriko!).  It's a fun movie filled with goofy characters played by great actors.  And the music is excellent!  If you're looking for a movie to watch this Golden Week, we strongly recommend this one!
Most of the things that happen in the movie are loosley based on the history of Radio Caroline

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