Friday, September 08, 2006

Groove Harvest

Let’s be honest: summer in Osaka is nearly unbearable – it’s so hot & muggy! Finally, there’s a taste of autumn in the air! Now is the time to turn off our air-conditioners and get outside – before it gets too cold!

A yearly autumn event that we never miss is Groove Harvest, a big outdoor music festival organised by our friend Simon, the man behind the monthly Inner Sky concerts at Covent Garden.

This year’s Groove Harvest is scheduled for Sunday, October 1st. There’ll be live Rock, Hip hop, Blues, & Salsa music, Hula Dance, Capoeira, & didgeridoo performances, lots of food stalls, and a flea market. Click on Groove Harvest to get more information in Japanese.

The background illustration for this flyer is by Rob Holbrook. A couple of years ago, Rob had an exhibition at our school. You can check out pictures from that event at the following link...

Rob's Work
Rob's Work
Rob's Party

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