Monday, January 01, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

The New Year's Sunrise - 3 years ago!
First of all: Happy New Year!

If you’re reading this in Japan, you probably celebrated the new year by eating lots of traditional food, visiting a shrine to make your first prayers, and reading New Year’s greeting cards, before settling in for a lazy day in front of the TV.

For people in Western countries, New Year’s Eve is actually more important than New Year’s Day – we prefer to “wash away” the old year (with lots of beer & champagne) rather than greet the new one. Most people spend New Year's Day sleeping off a massive hangover and vowing [making a really strong promise] to never drink that much again.

Most people start the year by making some really strong promises. We call them New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is a really strong promise you make to yourself to do something difficult that is good for you. Some common examples of New Year’s Resolutions are “I will lose weight” or “I will study English more.” Good resolutions include some kind of number and time frame so that the achievement of the resolution can be measured. Instead of “I will lose weight,” you should say, “I will lose one kilogram a month” or “I will go to the gym 3 times a week.”

So, here’s one of my New Year’s resolutions: I will make an entry on this Blog at least once a week. “At least” means this is the minimum – I might make more than one entry a week, but I must make one every week!

Of course, I have some other resolutions. I’ll share another one with you in my next entry.

How about you? What are your New Year’s resolutions? It’s best to tell your friends & family what your resolutions are – they can help keep you honest! Post your New Year’s Resolutions as a comment – we’ll do our best to help you keep them!

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