Friday, January 19, 2007


Last August, the International Astronomical Union, a group of scientists specialising in the study of the planets and the stars, decided that Pluto should not be counted as one of the Sun’s planets anymore. This was mainly because recently other bodies have been found in our solar system that are nearly as big or even bigger than Pluto. We can expect many more to be found in the near future. If we keep calling Pluto a planet, we’ll have to add many new names to the list.

Size does matter!

Every year, the American Dialect Society, a group of teachers, writers, and editors, chooses a newly created English word as “Word of the Year.” This year they chose the new adjective Plutoed, which means to be demoted or lowered in value.

Here’s an example: David Beckham has been Plutoed by Real since announcing that he is moving to America in June.

Here’s another example…


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